I’m too unmotivated to even blog.  Surgery tomorrow at the ASS CRACK OF DAWN.   I need to clean tanks and do laundry but instead I’m going to take a klonopin and do nothing.

Surgery Update

So I can’t have surgery until June 30. Fuck. I know it’s shitty to bitch about it, but I’m so shitty.  I am forcing myself to do all the things that I won’t be able to do for who knows how long.  I was able to complete a cross stitch for the fancy Xingible and […]

Tough Mom

You are cordially invited to my pity party! Let’s talk about Tough Mom, and how she subsequently became cry-baby-in-public Mom: Without getting off on a tangent, I had a Tiger Mom and for the most part thought I was, too.  Until I realized that my tiger mothering has been pretty diluted by growing up with […]

Artworks of Johnson Tsang

Sometimes I stumble across things that need to be shared with the world, like Artworks of Johnson Tsang.  I only had the opportunity to work with clay for a short period of time (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, no less) but it was amazing.  I have no kiln or…well, really any […]

Eso sí que es.

At least one girl is growing up in this house.  Birthday shopping is done and amazingly, birthday knitting is, too.  Which is saying a lot, since Josh’s birthday socks were something around…4-5 months late? Now, Josh is a boy through and through.  When I ask for a picture, he will smile, but he rarely poses […]

Girl Stuff

Nice, cutesy girl stuff.  Not girl stuff as in the previous post. First, I’m shitty at updating, so please let me show you an actual finished product: This sweater has been done forever, but the last known evidence of it was way back here.  She looks so much older, but 8 months will do that […]

My Stomach Hurts

My favorite part is calling the plumber and joking about how I am single-handedly supporting the plumbing industry.  My plumbers are awesome and they know me well.  I feel that if I blogged about every plumbing issue, I’d have to start a new blog.  SAD FACE.


I knew I wasn’t crazy.  At least not about this.  At least not this time.  Earlier this month I was lamenting a poetry earworm and couldn’t figure it out.  Even if I had the correct phrase in my head it wouldn’t have been helpful.  So, without further ado, here it is! “And after Many Years, […]