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Amazon Wish List

For reasons I am completely unsure of, people seem to find me a difficult person to buy a gift for.  I don’t know how I got that reputation; maybe because I’m vocal when I know the gift isn’t really for me?  I mean, if you care enough to think of me, that’s wonderful and it makes my heart sing.  But if you only care enough to grab random stuff off a shelf don’t think I can’t tell.

Like the time I got a very nice pen for a graduation gift.  And then noticed it was engraved with the name Dave.

Or the time that I got a box full of dollar store gifts that tried really hard to justify as gifts for me.  Like angel earrings.  Really?  Because I’m your angel?  Because you’ve never said anything like that ever?  Because I’m so angelic.  Like an Unsolved Mysteries kind of angel (sorry, inside joke).

Oh, god, like the jacket that I got once.  She meant for it to be a professional dress blazer but it was shiny.  With three, three inch wide buttons.  And short, but weird not-quite-long-enough-but-too-short length.  Not like a bolero a shrug unless this jacket was intended for a woman that was about 6 feet tall which would explain why I had received it as a gift.

So I thought it best to have a wish list so that anyone can send me a gift.  This isn’t my way of begging for stuff because that’s weird, but who am I to deny anyone else the chance to give me a gift?  And even better, a gift they know I’ll appreciate?  I mean, I’ve never received surprise gifts from strangers before and I doubt that it will start now. But, you know…just in case.