Birthday Shoes – WIP

Can I just say I’m proud of myself for a minute?  I say it quietly, as not to upset the balance of the universe.  I’m proud so far.  Is that better?

It’s not perfect and it’s not done but I am pleasantly surprised at how it’s coming out.  I’m purposefully taking my time and forcing myself not to work on them every day.  I just feel like if I do too much at once, I’ll screw it up spectacularly.  In the second picture, you can see where I screwed up on Happy’s arm; that’s a bit of primer there so I can cover it up properly.  Acrylic and Sharpie marker on canvas high tops; I will seal them when I’m completely done.  I still have a month to get it done so I think I’m on track.

Now I want a pair for myself but I’ll be tortured to death before I can decide what I want on it.

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