electrical substation

Be a hurricane, not a hurricain’t

cain’t = can’t for all of you non-Southern speaking folks out there.

Right now I’m in a hotel room because while Atlanta is well inland, the winds hit ridiculously hard.  The neighborhood I live in has a lot of trees and in particular we have a lot of tall pine trees.  Rain in southern clay after a while of no rain makes root systems terribly unstable.  Add to that exceptionally tall, exceptionally skinny trees, and exceptionally high wind gusts…well there ya go.  I don’t have any pictures but I do have some videos that I will upload once I get a decent chance.

Our property did not sustain any damage, but we have been without power since Monday the 11th at around 2 PM. I was really surprised–we have a lot of damaged/dead trees in our back yard and none of them fell.  Not one.  Doesn’t mean it still can’t happen, it just hasn’t happened yet.  Our neighborhood trees and power lines and electrical substations don’t mix.  From Wikipedia:.

electrical substation

An electrical substation is a subsidiary station of an electricity generation, transmission and distribution system where voltage is transformed from high to low or the reverse using transformers. Electric power may flow through several substations between generating plant and consumer, and may be changed in voltage in several steps.

The roads in and out of our neighborhood are still blocked off; one will not be usable until this Friday or Saturday. Electricity should be restored by this evening, but we’ve already paid for the room and it would be a pain in the ass to pack up everything and haul our cookies back.  We even got a hotel that allowed pets, but since it was only going to be a day or two, we decided not to traumatize the cats.

We’re staying at a Homewood Suites and it’s perfect for an extended stay.  Full kitchen, king sized bed with work desk that can be closed off to the living area.  The kids are on the pull out sofa bed and have been devouring as much TV as possible.  

The bedroom has double doors and the bathroom is through the bedroom.  It’s a good family space.  When we first got here, the room we were in had a toilet that didn’t work and there was no maintenance available at 11 PM so they moved us.  The original room we were in was more updated; this one is still fine.  I don’t need it fancy, I need air conditioning and internet and elbow room.  The climate control is stupid though; it jumps all over the place and we don’t have any control.  Set it to 70?  Runs at 64.  Put it at 68?  How about running at 71?  It was blowing hot air.

Unfortunately, with no power for 3 days my fish will probably be dead which stinks.  Literally and figuratively, probably.  And, because we left in too much of a rush, there is also a grocery bag with frozen chicken on the kitchen floor that we were going to bring.  Now all I can hope for is that the cats don’t eat it all and get sick from being big, fat gluttons.  Everything in our fridge and freezer is going or gone; iffy seafood and raw meat isn’t really my thing.  So when we go home tomorrow, I will be spending the day cleaning up rotten meat from the kitchen floor, throwing out everything from the fridge, freezer and deep freezer, and giving my fish an inglorious funeral into the trash.

We are personally out of pocket thousands with the cost of hotel, food and fish to be replaced, lost work and time, and extra curricular activities for the kids but thankfully we were still able to donate to the greater good (Harvey and Irma).  I’m grateful that we didn’t sustain any damage or injury and a million times more grateful that we are in the position to be able to stay at a comfortable hotel for a couple of nights which we would never have been able to do if the Mr. hadn’t started working for himself.  Overall, not the worst that could have happened.

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